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 Position Description

 We are looking for a creative web designer, graphic designer or advertising agent who is passionate for technology, with a minimum of two years experience and who wants to design products with which millions of people will interact, and which will visually convey and connect our clients business ideas to the needs of the end users.

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The following are some of the job responsibilities:


  • To support teams in design and help encourage their imagination and creativity fly in order to come up with new and attractive proposals.


  • To contribute to the best of your ability to make the the user experience productive and achieve the desired objectives.


  • To apply a visual and interactive design. A profound understanding of how to strike a balance between what is usable and what is user-friendly in order to provide a high quality product.

The following are some of the concepts and tools we expect you to know, learn and use in your work:

  • The design and layout of HTML 5 structured websites and CSS3 style sheets.
  • The development of graphic components through Javascript, JQuery and related  frameworks.
  • A solid understanding of functionality, interaction, architecture, user interfaces, accessibility and navigation. We strive to produce quality products which go well beyond a pretty design.