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Position Description

We are looking for a creative Systems or Electronic Engineering professional who is passionate about technology and motivated by the delivery of high quality products which impact positively on the client business, someone who has the capacity to find any defect in the software construction process or problems that impede its proper execution. We are looking for someone with problem-solving skills and an interest technical challenges.


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The following are some of the job responsibilities:


  • To understand the client business in order to carry out tests using real and complex scenarios that genuinely represent their needs and improve value.


  • To find solutions to problems and identify errors that arise in the development of the the product with the aim of assuring software quality.


  • To develop, implement and document tests of functionality and non functionality.


  • To analyse requirements and to generate and implement tests.

The following are some of the concepts and tools we expect you to know, learn and use in your work:

  • Have a minimum of two years experience in the design and implementation of functional and nonfunctional tests.
  • Have experience in the automation of tests generating the corresponding script in the tool used.
  • Have knowledge of Selenium and Jmeter in an analytical capacity.
  • Have a capacity to write simple concise code in HTML and CSS.