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Position Description

We are looking for a creative Systems or Electronic Engineering professional who is passionate about technology and motivated by the delivery of high quality products which impact positively on the client business. We need someone who understands that talent is worth more than qualifications, who is excited by challenges and who has a vision to create global sized software for millions of users worldwide.

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The following are some of the job responsibilities:


  • To understand the client’s business and needs in order to convert these into an innovative technological solution which impacts positively on their business.


  • To understand the market in order to design a full and complete product with which the client can receive a timely solution that satisfies the needs of the users.


  • To interact and work together with the all necessary areas of the business on behalf of the client.


  • To work with a highly skilled team which surpasses the demands of the client.


  • To define the product attributes and write more and more code so that everything is ready on time.


  • To participate in defining the requirements and specifications on behalf of the end client.

The following are some of the concepts and tools we expect you to know, learn and use in your work:

  • Experience in development, writing and delivery of elegant and clean code  through Java and Python.
  • Have a minimum of two (2) years experience of business software development.
  • Knowledge of the rules of usability, accessibility, security and privacy applicable in the development of software products.
  • Development of software within the agile methodology framework.