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Position Description

We are looking for a Systems Engineer, preferably with knowledge of S.O Linux administration, and who wants to construct and operate products of the highest quality of the type that can only be achieved through passion.

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The following are some of the job responsibilities:


  • To support the definition of guidelines, technology and good practice guides for any development team in the company which provides automated infrastructure .


  • To enable the construction, administration and evolution of centralised repositories.  


  • To choose, administrate and use tools or technology aimed at providing automatic infrastructure on premise, cloud or mixed data centres.  


  • To provide, in the initial phase, infrastructural and environmental base technology for continuous deployment.


  • To create, maintain and develop, throughout the project, implementation, automated scripts, conditioning of the tools and and services being used and software solution deployment pipelines in productive environments.

The following are some of the concepts and tools we expect you to know, learn and use in your work:

  • Have experience in Linux administration.
  • Specification Administrators: Ansible, Chef, Puppet.
  • DC/O: Mesos, OpenShift.
  • Container Orchestrator: Kubernetes
  • OS for Containers: CoreOS, Photon, Alpine.
  • Environment Developer: Vagrant, Otto, Docker.
  • Infrastructure Orchestrator: Cloudformation, Terraform.
  • Services used: AWS, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Akka, Play, Liferay, Haproxy.